Unity 2017 Workshop Schedule

Saturday July 15

11AM – 12 PM Harmony Workshop –  Singing w/ Julie Johnson Murray and Joshua Murray

1:15 – 2:15 PM Condor Meets the Eagle w/ Kari Barron

3:30 – 4:15 PM RhythmDance – Global Dance Fusion w/ Marilyn Hatfield

4:15  – 5:15PM Puppets on the Move with Nikkicole Weimer

Sunday July 16

10 AM – 11 AM Bellyfit w/Heather Holdener – festival grounds

11 AM – 12 PM Heart Mapping w/ Soniko

1:15 – 2:15PM Follow Your Heart – Hip Hop w/Dazza

5:30 – 6:30PM Gumboot Dancing w/ Derrick Adams

2017 Workshops

Condor Meets the Eagle

Shamanic Teachings & Ancient wisdom

w/ Kari Barron

This workshop is a sharing of modern day shamanic teachings & ancient wisdom from North & South America.  We will learn about prophecy & it’s implications for today, sacred healing plants, sound and the art of smudging.  Using shamanic rhythm, sound, smudging and other meditative techniques, Kari guides us to delve deep and connect with our own inner power. Enjoy some shamanic rhythm & song as well.  Bring a drum or rattle!

About the Facilitator:

Having participated in shamanic teachings with indigenous elders from around the globe, Kari’s path has woven through various cultures, sacred sites, healing modalities & plant medicine which have all deepened her understanding of the great web of life.  She’s an energetic kinesiologist and facilitates workshops, song circles & spiritual tours to Peru.

www.karibarron.com  www.spiritoftheamazon.com.au

Puppets on the Move

Puppet Making and Puppeteering

w/ Nikkicole Weimer

Puppets!!! Want to do something that makes you laugh, uses your imagination,  and builds connections while creating a masterpiece? Join Nikkicole in a whirlwind of energetic fun as she brings her puppets to life and the audience becomes part of the show. In this workshop we will create puppets, play improv games, sing songs and maybe even get a juicy wiggle in!

About the Facilitator:

Enthusiastic, optimistic, and filled with electric energy, Nikkicole’s attributes are infectious to those around her and those who participate in her holistic classes, such as PUPpets On the MoVe, Bellyfit, Zumba, and Groove. Nikkicole has a mission to leave you inspired, empowered and excited to create YOUR own unique magic.

Harmony Workshop


w/ Julie Johnson Murray and Joshua Murray

For those seeking new musical adventures, this workshop is designed to help you find your voice and sing freely. W will enjoy learning tools to finding and maintaining harmonies alongside the melody while building confidence in singing in a non-judgemental space. Build confidence in your singing while having fun and making new friends through music. Bring any instruments you want to play, an open mind and get ready to surprise yourself!

About the Facilitators:

Nelson’s Onezie Parade, aka Josh and Julie, is known for their harmonies and upbeat re-imaginations of contemporary and classic songs. This workshop will explore creative ways to find complimentary harmonies within a group. Fun for all ages!

Follow Your Heart

Hip Hop//Spoken Word

w/ Dazza

By first illustrating how Dazza has found hope and belief in himself by following his heart through music, this workshop invites participants to connect mind, heart and soul through spoken word and self-expression. Constructed around beats, rhymes, songs and spoken word, this interactive workshop is aimed toward connecting individuals to their life’s purpose using both pre-designed rhymes and improvisations to convey a message of hope and positivity.

About the Facilitator:

An inspirational MC/Rapper based out of Nelson, BC, Dazza released his first EP in 2015, and is to release another in 2017. With over 14 years’ experience writing and rapping, Dazza has performed at numerous festivals including Unity and One Fest; and with renowned hip hop artists such as: Dub Fx; Talib Kweli; Apathy; and Celph Titled.

www.facebook.com/DazzaHipHop https://soundcloud.com/dazza250


Global Dance Fusion

w/ Marilyn Hatfield

RhythmDance is a high energy dance fusion with global appeal. Enjoy learning to move your body confidently and beautifully while stepping in time with live drumming. No experience necessary. Open level. Everyone welcome!

About the Facilitator:

Marilyn aims to share the magic and joy of rhythm and dance with all.  Well versed in myriad world drumming and dance styles, she is a respected international performing artist, choreographer and a skilled instructor who provides ongoing RhythmDance and drumming classes in Nelson and surrounding areas.    www.rhythmdance.org

Heart Mapping

w/ Soniko Waira

The heart map experience is a spiritual tool designed to assist us in our personal growth and collective connection, offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. Through the use of modern mind techniques, indigenous symbols and ancient wisdom, Soniko guides us in making a road map to manifest our heart’s vision.  “At this time and place it’s very important that we “human beings” remember the original teachings of how to live in Abundance and harmony on Pachamama.. “

About the Facilitator:

Soniko, artist, visionary and musician, has observed the negative effects of living with disregard for the natural world, having grown-up in a city of three million. This was the catalyst for his awakening to the sacred. HIs life’s purpose is to serve the highest good of our planet and its inhabitants by building bridges between ancient indigenous perspectives and modern world views. Soniko’s music is uplifting and evokes a sense of serenity and harmony with all life.  ..

www.heartmapexperience.org  www.sonikowaira.com

Gumboot Dancing

w/ Derrick Adams

Rhythmic Steppin’ and Body Percussion in Gumboots where the dancers make the music with their feet. This dance style is found primarily in Zimbabwe and incorporates modern moves like the box step. Fun for all ages!

About the Facilitator:

Derrick Adams has studied and performed various African styles of drum and dance since 1995. Over the years he has taught children and adult classes in schools and at festivals. Currently he plays lead djembe for In the Sticks.